Kik – The Most Popular Messaging App

kik messengerKik is an application for instant messaging that you can use on your mobile device. But then there are so many instant messaging apps, why should one opt for Kik? Well, Kik has more than 1.2 million users, and the company expects it to grow more and more with time. An app having so many users, and with new users signing up every day, this is certainly a big thing. If you are now interested in being a part of the growing Kik family, let us help you know more about this wonderful app.

How to Use Kik

Using Kik messenger is very easy and we shall now learn how.

Create your account

You just need move to the App Store or Play Store and download the Kik messenger. After downloading, open the app and create your account. You will have to enter your first and last name, enter your email address and password and create your Kik username. After this, you will be asked if you wish to upload your contacts to see those friends who also are using the Kik Messenger.

Chat with friends

To chat with Kik friends you need to click on that friend’s username, and type your message in the given field. There are many emotions that you can use while conversing, and you can also tap the “+” sign if you wish to upload pictures from your gallery. You can create memes, add links, stickers, sketch, and much more.

Play games with friends

You can also play various games with your friends like Word Swap, Monster Blocks, and so on. To play any game, just tap on the one you are interested in and then hit open. The “Recent” section in the main menu will show you all the games you have played, just in case you wish to play them again.

How to Find Existing Kik Friends and How to Make New Ones

Finding old friends and making new ones in Kik is so easy:

Share your profile. Visit the settings section and tap on “Share Your Profile” that you will find located at the bottom of your screen. Select the social network you wish to share your username at, and you might make some Kik friends.

Join some public group. Search for some hashtags that relates to your interests to meet people who have similar interests.

Start some public group. You can create your own public group and give it an interesting name. Once people start joining your group you will be making new friends.

Add friends by username. If you want to find your existing friends on Kik messenger, just tap the talk icon, and in the top right, type the username of your friend. After sending a message to your friend, you can save them in your contact list.

Turn the Address Book Matching on. Visit the setting section, tap on chat settings, and then on address book matching. Once you do so, a match message will be sent to people in your contact list who also use Kik and have their address book matching turned on.

Why is Kik So Popular?

  • Kik has a number of great features which is the reason behind is ever-growing popularity.
  • Free of cost – the best thing is that Kik is completely free. So, you can send unlimited texts without spending anything.
  • Notifications – when you receive or send messages, you are notified when they are sent and delivered.
  • Group chat – if you need to send a single message to more than one person, you need not do so separately, but instead use Kik and send the message to all of them just with a single click.

Kik messenger is a great online texting platform, which helps you chat with your existing friends and also make new ones absolutely free of cost. So register yourself, and enjoy the amazing features, right away.