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KIK name: Purple.apl5p272

Gender : Female Age: 27 Interested in dirty chat: NO About me:

I grew up in Louisiana, and trained as a gymnast in high school. I attend LSU and majored in photo journalism. My first job allowed me to see a lot of the country, and at one time was able to do a gig with MTV. I love music and dancing and have a large music collection. Love all types, but am a softy for older bands. I finally settled in beautiful Austin, and have been here for 15 years. Unfortunately, I was was married for 5 years and got a divorce 4 years ago. I am presently not attached, but want to find someone who really likes to have a great time. I am very athletic and active and love to dance, water ski, and go to outdoor events. Also like camping and hiking the beautiful hill country. My friends say I am very physical as I am an unabashed flirt and LOVE public displays of affection. While I like being physical, I am SUPER laid back, and hate drama queens! I am open to trying new things, places and people. Loyal to my friends, but LOVE being in a crowd. Take me out!

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