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KIK name: Warm.apl5p299

Gender : Female Age: 26 Interested in dirty chat: NO About me:

I love to read and write, and I consider myself a very creative individual. Humor is very important to me, I love to laugh and smile 😀 I love to listen to pop, rock, and R&B….and dance around like crazy when no one is looking! I am currently working as a summer temp at Toyota, I work in the audit lab and drive the new cars from A to B. I work mon-fri with the wonderful schedual to have every weekend off. Im working hard, going to school to become a nurse, I love to take care of people and I have a super bubbily personality and have the affectionate nickname “bubbles” from more than a few friends 🙂 I am not a scared-to-break-a-nail chick, but I am some what of a girly girl for some things. I still love to do lots of fun things and be active, but I absolutely adore anything pink or glittery. Im easy to make happy with flowers or cards, as any romantic or thoughtful gesture makes my day… Im a romantic, and I really hope to find someone who is as well. Im the type of girl who will leave special ”just because” notes for you to find to brighten your day, and I hope I can find someone who will be just as sweet as I am! I love cooking and baking, and I am really into cake decorating! I love animals, (including stuffed plush ones!) and so some of my favorite places to go are to the zoo or the aquarium. My favorite animals are sharks and monkeys! I also really love a good amusement park. I love rollar coasters and the rush I get from them. I love going fast and going high. Im taking a trip soon to Cedar Point and I am super excited! I used to do a lot of rock climbing, another great activity Id love the opportunity to do again! Some other things Id love to try is skydiving and bungie jumping. I recently got turned onto spending time on the water with boating and jet skiing….lots of fun! I hope I can find someone just as active as I am. I just got out of a 5 year relationship with someone who left me for another girl…Ive now realized that he wasnt really right for me in how I felt like I was constantly trying to please him and I was left alone in the backround. I want to move on and I want someone who will work with me, and always make me feel special, someone who is romantic and will make me feel beautiful. I want someone who will be a confident individual who isnt afraid to show some feeling and emotions. I want someone who is going to cherish me for me and me alone. I want to be treated like a princess 🙂 I love to snuggle and cuddle, definetly a touchy-feely kinda girl! And please, if you check out my profile and you’re interested – message me! Even a simple “Hi, howre you?”….anything to let me know you’d like to chat. I hate to see people have viewed my profile and not msgd, it makes me think you’re not interested so I dont persue you to message you. Like what you see? Hit me up then!

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